Support for students with dyslexia in D-51

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District 51 co-sponsored an informational meeting with the International Dyslexia Association to help parents with dyslexic kids.

The group meets several times a year to update parents about programs outside of school or interventions in the school district for students who struggle with dyslexia.

Cheryl Gaines is the International Dyslexia Association representative for the Rocky Mountain branch, and she said one in 5 Americans are affected by the disorder.

"With numbers like that, it's almost like an epidemic, and people need to be talking about it, and people need to be knowing and checking, and if their student can't read quite well, then maybe there is another reason," said Gaines. "Have some testing done, talk to teachers and parents and we'll help guide you; the IDA does a lot."

Currently teachers are being trained under a curriculum geared toward dyslexic students.

For more information about resources available here in Mesa County, visit the International Dyslexia Association website by clicking the link below.

You can also email at

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