TCAP scores: A breakdown by school

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) -- Congratulating success and discovering weakness: standardized test scores are out.

This spring, third graders across the Grand Valley took the TCAP, and the preliminary, unofficial results have been released by the Colorado Department of Education.

Three schools in Mesa County scored above 90 percent, and the district overall scored a 74 percent rating, meaning 1,090 third graders passed the reading test with proficient or advanced grades. That is a little above the state average of 73 percent proficiency.

The top five schools were Emerson Elementary (100 percent proficient/advanced), Scenic Elementary (Scenic: 93 percent) and Independence Academy (95 percent proficient).

Here's how all the schools stacked up (percentage represents score of students ranked proficient and advanced):

-Appleton: 80.3%
-Rim Rock: 79.4%
-Pear Park: 73.1%
-Broadway: 75.7%
-Chatfield: 65.6%
-Chipeta: 58.1%
-Clifton: 68.8%
-Independence Academy: 95.0%
-Dos Rios: 68.1%
-Dual Immersion Academy: 85.7%
-Emerson: 100%
-Fruitvale: 71.4%
-Lincoln: 77.2%
-Loma: 64.6%
-Mesa Valley: 59.4%
-Mesa View: 65.6%
-Nisley: 71.2%
-Orchard Avenue: 81.8%
-Pomona: 81.3%
-Rocky Mountain: 64.0%
-Shelledy: 67.7%
-Taylor: 86.8%
-Thunder Mountain: 73.8%
-Tope: 65.9%
-Scenic: 93.0%
-Wingate: 88.4%

No results were available for Gateway, Glade Park or Grand River Elementary schools.

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