TABOR issues could be on the ballot this April

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – On Monday, Grand Junciton City Council members took a look at the potential TABOR changes that may appear on the ballot next April.

The city received 1,124 responses to a survey that asked residents to prioritize capital projects. Of the responses, 52.8 percent said they would be in favor of using the money on transportation -related improvements.

City manager Rich Englehart was asked by city council to look into the cost of four transportation projects: North Avenue, Horizon Drive, completion of the beltway which would include work on 24 and 29 road, and I-70.

The city still wants to hear from you. You have until Dec. 21 to make your opinion known. By Jan. 16, city council will have decide if TABOR be on the April ballot.

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