Tackling concussions head on

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Tackle training is in progress and the protective gear is on as sports teams across the Grand Valley gear up against injuries for the upcoming fall sports season.

Concussions most commonly occur in contact sports and have been seen headlining some of the biggest sports stories across the nation.

Many parents say it’s a concern in any athletic program their children are involved with, but they've seen local coaches take tremendous strides in recent years to keep their kids safe.

Not only are players being trained to prevent head injuries, coaches are also getting educated to detect even the faintest symptoms of concussions in their players.

“Each year, we're going to have someone that is going to have to sit out a game or even a few games or even half the season because of a head injury, but at the end of the day it's about the safety of our student athletes,” says Grand Junction High School’s head coach, Robbie Owens.

Each year District 51 coaches undergo special training with team doctors so they can get educated on the ins and outs of concussion safety and prevention.

At the junior football levels in Mesa County, coaches have decided to forgo mandatory playing times for their team members, only sending out those that are ready and comfortable onto the field to further help prevent injuries.

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