CMU students investigate a mock crime scene

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) It was a gory scene on Wednesday; blood spatter on the walls, windows broken, clothes strewn across the floor, but this was no ordinary crime scene.

CMU's criminal justice department teamed up with the Grand Junction Police to create a mock crime scene to help students learn, hands-on.

The students were split into groups and led by crime scene investigators and instructors like former FBI Special Agent, Jane Quimby.

"Although I wasn't a crime scene processor myself, there were many occasions where having the knowledge that they're getting now certainly was a great asset to me as an investigator," says Quimby.

The groups tossed ideas back and forth, documenting and collecting evidence and clues as to what crime may have occurred.

Experts like Quimby say a set up like this one can be invaluable to these students learning.

"Anyone that's in law enforcement I think can benefit from knowing what to look for at a crime scene, knowing how to process a crime scene and if nothing else knowing how to preserve a crime scene so you don't jeopardize an investigation by messing things up," she says.

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