Teachers prepare for intruder

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Faculty and staff from District 51 and Colorado Mesa University got a special training session on what has become a grim reality: how to counter an active shooter.

CMU brought in professional instructor Alon Stivi, with Attack Countermeasures Training, to teach how to become more prepared in the event of an intruder.

The course focused on three components: how to identify signs of aggression in a student who displays warning signs of a perpetrator, how to improve campus security and how to respond if an intruder gets into the building.

“Your chances of survival are actually good if work together as a team and you’re committed to survival to fight and stop an active shooter,” Stivi said.

The first part of the course was classroom based and the second part was hands-on, learning physical moves to counter an attacker.

“What we are learning is staff can be aggressive and there’s some things some techniques they can use to disarm an intruder and protect themselves and the students,” said District 51 Safety and Transportation Director Tim Leon.

Leon said officials will be meeting after today’s course to discuss a plan to share the training with other faculty and staff who couldn’t attend. Twenty-five CMU employees and 25 District 51 employees participated.

Stivi offers his courses online for anyone; not just educators. To learn more, head to www.actcert.com.

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