Teaching kids to fight back against an abductor

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A disturbing case out of Alabama where a young boy was snatched from his school bus has many parents on edge, but there are things parents can do to educate their kids about the importance of being alert and fighting back.

The six year old was taken Tuesday evening and is still being held hostage. One mom of three said it terrifies her to think about one of her kids being in that situation, and she said it's definitely maing her think hard about ways to make them more aware and keep them safe.

"Well it definitely makes me feel like I need to be a lot closer to my kids, you know I have one child that is a special needs child that is picked up and dropped off directly to our door," said mom Amy Lester.

Lester said her other two ride the bus to school each day and feels fortunate that they only walk a couple of houses down to catch it, but now she is worried about what happens after they're on.

"Things can happen so fast there's also that fear of if I was there could I have done anything," said Lester.

Deputy Chad Williams from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office works with kids and teaches a stranger class.

"Looking at the cases in the U.S. and the evidence that we have and the research that we have teach the kids to fight back is the best course and that's what we teach now," said Deputy Williams.

Williams said while kids can't beat an adult in a fight, they can win a moment. He advises kids to practice survival basics like kicking, punching and biting, pretty much anything to distract the abductor.

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