Tech startups taking off in Mesa County

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Move over Silicon Valley, Colorado is building up their tech businesses. In fact, "Entrepreneur Magazine" listed Grand Junction on the ‘Top 25 List of Metro Regions’ with the most tech startups in the United States.

According to the magazine, the most tech startups are in the Colorado, including Boulder, Fort Collins-Loveland, Denver and Colorado Springs. And to recognize the fact that Mesa County is included on the list. Local officials took a tour of the new Fruita branch of the Business Incubator.

Grand Junction ranked 19th on the list for "Entrepreneur Magazine's" best areas for a tech startup and even Governor John Hickenlooper acknowledged our place on the list. Now the Business Incubator in Fruita will be another place for entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in the valley.

Fred Fowler is the President of Delta Epsilon, a local tech company that makes and sells well logging tools, which is primarily used for ground water and exploration in developing countries. And he feels the outdoor lifestyle of the Grand Valley may be a factor for how tech startups may be taking off in the community.

“Lifestyle, quality of life, quality of physical environment, having the remarkable number of recreational activities within an hour or two of Grand Junction," Fred Fowler President of Delta Epsilon.

And the lifestyle is exactly why the Business Incubator Center's Executive Director, Jon Maraschin, believes their new facility in Fruita will flourish. He hopes the new location will bring in outdoor enthusiasts.

“They're working from their homes and we don't see them and if we can get them together to collaborate, then that's just the magic soup that really helps entrepreneurs work," said Maraschin.

Fruita and county officials toured the new incubator as a way of recognizing the center for helping businesses in our community. Clint Kinney, the City Manager of Fruita, says partnering with The Incubator is a great way to support businesses.

“Our hope is to help all the businesses; we think The Incubator is for everybody. We want tech companies, we want every kind of company and when they want to locate here we want to make sure they are successful," said Kinney.

And for Fowler, he sees Western Colorado as a place for potential when it comes to being a leader in technology businesses and entrepreneurship.

“In many ways Western Colorado probably has more potential than much of the Front Range does," said Fowler.

If you're thinking about starting a business or need help with an idea, The Business Incubator Center offers free coaching and low cost classes to help you get going. The new incubator is located at 325 East Aspen Avenue in Fruita.

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