Teen sex novels could be hitting the shelves

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Many parents are concerned that their teens are over exposed to sex and already find it challenging to monitor TV shows, the internet and video games. Now parents may have to keep a watchful eye on what their teens are reading.

Some publishers and authors of romantic novels like "Fifty Shades of Grey" are hoping to ride the coattails of the popular and controversial novel. While this may not be a surprise, the thing that has some parents concerned is the fact that the novels would be targeted toward teens.

One local mom said she is completely against the potential books and thinks it is sick.

"If you are trying to teach your daughter abstinence and she is reading a book where sex is the predominant theme that's not teaching her abstinence," said concerned mom Melanie Smith.

The majority of parents who posted on our Facebook page say they are against the sexually explicit novel. But some parents said there can't be anything in books that teens don't already see on TV and online.

Licensed Professional Counselor Scott Aber said that just because inappropriate content is out there for kids to see, that doesn't mean books need to targeted toward them.

"Well giving pornography to a 12 year old is like giving crack to a baby its almost instant addiction because the brain is still being formed and its a huge adrenaline rush that kids are going to want to continue," said Aber.

Aber said written pornography is just as bad as visual pornography and can lead to premature sexual relations among teens. Aber also said this kind of activity can lead to self-esteem issues and developmental problems.

While books are not rated concerned parents can visit Novelbookratings.com for profanity, violence and sexual content ratings for certain books.

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