New partnership coming to Community Hospital

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A new affiliate is giving Community Hospital the chance to bring the knowledge of medical specialists from out of state directly to patients.

The hospital is teaming up with University of Utah health care to extend the scope of local resources.

"As a sole, small community hospital, we need to make sure we have great partners," Community Hospital's CEO Chris Thomas said. "Health care's changing really fast"

Part of the partnership includes allowing specialized doctors in Salt Lake City from the University of Utah's centers to help treat patients here using telemedicine for serious conditions like stroke.

"The best things about the video that it's very hard to do say even on a conference line is I can be interacting with local team members at the same time and be part of that team as well," said Dr. Aleks Tkach, of University of Utah Health Care.

Telemedicine also ensures patients aren't unnecessarily flown out of the area for treatment.

"Not only is that costly and flying patients somewhat dangerous compared to staying there but the burden on the family and the patient too to be moved away from their home and loved ones at a time when they're very sick," Dr. Tkach said.

The partnership will also bring in resources for neonatology, advanced cardiovascular care, transplant services, cancer care, trauma and neurosciences.

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