The District 51 school resource officer team gets a boost

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The school resource officer team of the Western Slope brings in a little help from the outside.

Students won't be the only fresh faces roaming the halls of many Mesa County schools.

The school resource officer team is made up of Grand Junction, Fruita, and Mesa County law enforcement members and is being further supplemented by safety and security personnel from District 51.

They may not be full-fledged law enforcement officials, but they spearhead many of the safety operations at Mesa County schools that frees up SRO officers for the more serious offences that may arise on or near schools.

“They're spread thin there's a lot of schools in the district and they concentrate quite a bit in the middle and high schools, and there needs to be more, in my feeling, there needs to be more presence of SROs in high schools than what there is now,” says Peter Schimek, safety and security officer.

Currently there are safety and security personnel staff at most city middle schools and some elementary schools to allow SRO officers to focus attention on high schools that see more delinquent activity.

School with security on staff will have the same personnel for the entire year to help create trust between the student body and their assigned officers.

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