Pretzelmaker relocates to downtown Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. There's a newcomer to downtown Grand Junction and it has the whole block buzzing.

Pretzelmaker owner, Andrea Lee, has made the decision to relocate her business from the Mesa Mall to another part of town.

Coming this June, Pretzelmakers will join the community of small businesses on the 400 block of Main Street in downtown Grand Junction.

"I feel like we're a good compliment to what's already down here. We are in a price point that is under $10 and people can easily eat here for $3 or $4, so we have something for everybody, sweet or salty," says Danielle Behrens of Pretzelmaker.

The Pretzelmaker team spoke with many local business owners to ensure that their establishment would be welcomed with open arms, despite being a franchise.

According to the Downtown Development Authority, franchises and mom-and-pop shops have maintained a peaceful coexistence in the district and they expect this trend to continue.

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