The Grand Valley may see more snow this year

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) This last season was a tough one for farmers on the Western Slope due to an April freeze. According to the Farmers Almanac we can expect to see more snow in late November and early to mid-December.

However that doesn't have the farmers at Herman Produce worried. Even though they do read the almanac for weather, they just let nature take its own course.

"We depend on nature to do whatever it's going to do. Some people will have wind machines or they'll have smudge pots but we don't really do any of that. We've only lost our crop once in the last 23 years,” says Renee Herman, co-owner of Herman Produce.

Renee Herman says she and her husband Bruce experienced that loss to their crops this last season, but still say they have plenty to sell.

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