The results are in: municipal election votes

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Pot sales will be allowed in DeBeque. 69 people voted for the measure and 65 voted no.

Wayne Klahn wins mayor's seat, with 81 votes over Lou Rotella's 45.

Rich Greening will serve a two-year term as trustee, while Scott Elliott, Forest Matis and Patrick Cole will serve four.

Recreational pot sales will not be allowed in Fruita. Nearly 64% of voters were against the measure.

Lori Buck keeps her seat as mayor, beating out Alan Story by more than 2,300 votes.

Bob Fuller, Kyle Harvey and Bruce Bonar received 35%, 32%, and 33% of votes respectively for the City Council vote.

52% vote yes to pass sales tax increase for new rec center.

74% vote yes for expanded broadband services.

62% of voters vote to prohibit pot sales.

Frank Jones wins the seat for Mayor.

Results for trustee are as follows-
-Rebecca Schowalter 22.12%
-Eugene L. Stricklan 19.47%
-Vic Sturm 15.71%
-Tamara Entwistle 13.94%
-Jolynn Dorman 10.84%
-Patty Sturm 9.07%
-Kelly L. Stewart 8.85%

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