The bricks come down at St. Joseph's Parish

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For more than a century, it was a staple in the Grand Junction community, but Friday, work began to tear down the St. Joseph's Parish on 3rd and White.

A few years ago, it was decided to move the parish from its current location, next door as part of a multi- million dollar project.

Friday, the bricks on the outside came down, fueling mixed emotions for the people who worship there.

"When I dream of church, I dream of the old church, not the new church because that's where all my memories are from being a child,” Marilyn Trueblood, who has been coming to St. Joseph's parish for fifty years, said.

Trueblood said the old building holds a lot of memories, but it isn't just the older generation who is saying goodbye to the building.

"I have a lot of memories here, I've been taking classes and I've been helping the little kids," 13-year- old Elena Maldonado said.

Even though it’s hard, saying goodbye to the old means welcoming in the new.

"It's sad, I'm sad as a lot of our parishers are sad, but it's also happiness because it's something new, and a lot of times you have to have sad to have new," Trueblood said.

A bigger, safer and newly renovated parish is set to be built next door, worshipers say, when funds are raised, something they hope will stand to serve Grand Junction for the next 100 years.

"I'm sad that they're taking down the old parish hall because I haven't known it that long, but then again I'm excited that we're getting the bigger one because it will help us more with our community," Maldonado said.

Not everyone was happy to see the old building go, but after research and estimates, church officials said it was more cost effective to start fresh

Church officials said more demolition is planned for Monday, the steeple expected to be taken down then. The outer bricks that came down Friday are being sold to help raise money for the new parish.

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