The cold weather's impact on local crops

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - While we're having one of the coldest winters the Valley has seen in a few years; the cold temperatures are affecting a lot of outdoor life.

Crops are a big concern in the snow and how they survive the freezing nights.

Experts say they are actually doing better in the snow this winter than they did last winter.

The reason for that is, the snow actually brings them water and locks the heat in.

The weather is also more consistent this year, giving the plants stability.

"It's beneficial because we eased into the cold weather, not over a long period of time, but enough to give the trees a chance to harden all," said Robert Helmer, the owner of Alida’s Fruits.

Helmer also says the low temperatures can help eliminate some of the disease that might try to crop up in the trees.

The big concern now is freezing temperatures that might randomly happen in late Spring and early next Fall.

For now, the crops are in great shape.

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