The final push, both sides digging in

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KKCO) Volunteers for both sides have spent thousands of hours making phones calls, knocking on doors, and discussing ideas with undecided voters. You might think they'd be throwing in the towel at this point; but they're actually gearing up for one last push. "I've put my heart and soul and my hours into this, because I believe in this," said Republican volunteer Michael Lentz.
"I'm definitely part of a team," said Democrat volunteer Rick Baer.
Volunteers are leaving it all on the field. "I believe in America, I believe in the process; and I believe in the civic duty of citizens to get involved in a campaign they believe in," added Lentz. It's an election about the future of our country. "The directions that the two candidates want to go are about as far apart in my lifetime that I've ever seen," added Baer.

The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's Office sends out a list of residents who have voted on a daily basis. "That does into our GOP data center, and from that GOP data center we are able to go through and eliminate the people that have voted from our voter database so we know not to call them," explained Ruth Ehlers, Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party. "The Secretary of State sends out a list every day, so for today (Thursday) I've got my walk packet, and I know who has voted within the last couple of days; they're struck off my list," said Linda Reeves, a Democrat volunteer.

And while there will only be one winner, both sides say it's an experience they wouldn't trade for anything. "You have to love the nasty; I love talking to people that disagree with me," said Lentz, the Republican volunteer. "I believe in President Obama, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he wins," added Baer, the Democrat volunteer.

Both sides plan to canvas neighborhoods and make calls all the way up until the polls close. You won't see a closed sign at the offices for both sides; because they're working around the clock.

The Democrat and Republican offices are looking for volunteers for this weekend. For more information on how you can help, call the Mesa County Republican Office at (970) 243-8500, or the Mesa County Democrat Office, at (970) 316-3367.

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