The need for PILT payments on the western slope

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. PILT stands for payment in lieu of taxes because there are many counties in the west that are unable to collect property taxes on public land.

Collectively, the counties in Colorado get close to $32 million in PILT payments.

Mesa County has the most public land in the state of Colorado. Therefore, we receive the most amount of money in the state. Originally it was proposed in Washington D.C. to cut PILT payments which could greatly hurt Mesa County.

"We received word just with in the last 24 hours that a conference committee that is conferring on the farm bill has restored the PILT payments and have passed the farm bill out of conference committee," says Steve Acquafresca, County Commissioner.

Now that bill will have to go back to both houses for approval, if that is successful the bill will go to the President. Last year Mesa County received $3.1 million that's 5.7% of their operating fund.

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