The next step for same-sex marriage licenses

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. What are the next steps on the same-sex marriage license issue? Our own county clerk along with four others across the state of Colorado seek legal guidance from higher court powers.

County clerks from Mesa, La Plata, Jefferson, Douglas, and Araphoe counties have banned together to file an amicus debrief in their efforts to seek clarity on the issue of same-sex marriage licenses.

Currently, none of the five clerks have issued any same-sex marriage licenses within their respective counties and are awaiting further legal orders before moving forward with the matter despite the community's frustration with the issue.

“More than anything, just being in an uncertain place where some clerks are doing it and some aren't is very uncomfortable, typically the clerks across the state of Colorado are in lock and step with each other,” says Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Sheila Reiner.

The five Colorado county clerks maintain a neutral stance on all matters regarding same-sex marriages.

The ultimate goal of the amicus brief to find a uniform approach to the same-sex marriage license issuing protocol until a formal ruling is made the by Colorado courts.

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