The number of animals killed at animal shelters is way down

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The number of pets being put down by animal shelters is down across the state and right here in Mesa County we are seeing even bigger declines.

Overall the state has seen a 62% drop from 2003 to 2013; in 2003 Colorado euthanized 64,000 animals and in 2013 the number dropped to 17,000.

Penny McCarty from Mesa County Animal Services said Mesa County has also seen a huge decline after collaborating with several other animal services throughout the area to create the Mesa County Welfare Partnership.

“One thing we determined in Mesa County is that if we really wanted to make a difference we had to find a unique solution and that involved collaboration," said McCarty.

The welfare partnership said getting animals spayed and neutered has been one of the most important parts of their success.

McCarty also said the new partnership has even helped reunite more pet owners with their furry friends by narrowing where lost pets up to just one organization.

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