The price of milk could go up due to farm bill

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - Imagine paying up to $7 for a gallon of milk. That possibility has farmers and those who sell dairy products feeling a bit of anxiety.

January is only days away, and there is uncertainty about the farm bill and what could happen to dairy prices.

If Congress does not make a decision to either extend the previous Farm Bill or pass a new one, the old Agricultural Act of 1949 will go back into effect, which would impact dairy prices.

"Let's say milk goes to $7 a gallon. People aren’t going to buy as much milk. If people don't buy as much milk, then I don't sell milk, and then a small business like me goes out of business because nobody is buying milk," says David Nichols, plant manager at Graff Dairy on 29 Road.

Nichols hopes Congress thinks about the small business owner. No action from Congress will make it tough for a business like Graff Dairy to survive.

Currently talks about the Farm Bill are taking place in Washington D.C. But at this point, no decisions on the bill have been made.

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