The real meaning of Presidents' Day

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Even though Presidents' Day isn't one of the more popular, celebrated holidays in the United States, the people of Grand Junction were well-informed of what its actually all about.

The post office is closed, there's free parking downtown and some of us didn't have to work today, but what are we really celebrating?

Originally intended to combine Abraham Lincoln's February 12th birthday and George Washington's February 22nd birthday, the holiday is now a celebration of the democratic process and all the presidents past and present.

It's become a day for all presidents, but specifically the 1st and 16th, as several prominent surveys like those from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal rank Washington and Lincoln as the number one and number two presidents in US history.

Both presidents' birthdays were actually celebrated up until 1968 when the 90th Congress determined that with only ten days between Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays, they were too close together to recognize both, so they declared a singular President's Day.
The current First Lady and her daughters celebrated this president's day weekend in Aspen, as they have for the past three years.

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