The ultimate sacrifice

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. In 2013, 111 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty, but in just the first five months of 2014, we're up 18% compared to where we were at the same time last year.

While that is a devastating statistic, incidents like those are an occupational hazard for law enforcement as they work to keep our streets safe and many of them never think twice when putting on the badge each morning.

"I look at it as something that was bigger than me," says former Palisade Police Chief, Carroll Quarles. "I always looked at it like criminals are just bullies."

Statistics show police officers are attacked most often during robberies in progress, domestic violence disputes and traffic stops.

Law enforcement officials say every time an officer pulls someone over, even for a minor infraction, it's a tense, scary moment.

They recommend, if you are pulled over, to do your best to keep your hands in the officers view at all times and only reach for things when you're told to.

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