Thermography screenings detect breast cancer sooner

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Thousands are joining together to focus on bringing awareness to breast cancer during the month of October, and Kokopelli Health & Wellness will offer breast thermography at a discounted rate.

"Thermal imaging has no radiation," said Dr. Joe Wezensky, owner of Kokopelli. "You could literally do it every day of the week without any injury."

The dangers of radiation from mammograms only attributes to the spread of cancer cells according to Dr. Wezensky. Plus, the compression of the machine could only make things worse.

"It can cause the tumor to break up and possibly get into the blood stream or lymph tissue and spread to other parts of the body," he said.

Patient Nettie Miller received the news that she had breast cancer in 1996, and immediately she took the advice of the doctors.

"My first breast cancer was found," said Miller, "and they scared me. [They said] if you don't do the traditional right now, then you're going to die. So I jumped right into it, and it was terrible."

Five years of chemotherapy and radiation took a toll on her body, but even though the cancer finally dissipated, it came back in 2010.

"When we found it again I came to Dr. Wezensky, and he made suggestions of what to do alternatively," she said.

Those alternatives included check-ups with Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), doses of vitamin C, diet changes and more.

"Two years later, here she is doing all of the things that she would normally do with her life," said Dr. Wezensky. "She's had a great outcome without chemo, radiation or further surgery."

And for Nettie Miller, thermographic screenings changed her life and her mindset. "I am a big speaker to people who have issues. I don't care if it's breast cancer or not. No matter what kind of cancer it is, there is more than one way to take care of it."

Dr. Wezensky's office, Kokopelli Health & Wellness, will be offering $50.00 mammograms as a community service and may do free screenings to those with past history of breast cancer or financial problems.

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