Tipton talks to Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Congress may be in recess, but Congressman Tipton isn't taking a break just yet.

Tipton is traveling throughout his district to speak about The Hydroelectric Bill that he passed through the House of Representatives, The Healthy Forest Management and Wildfire Act and to discuss the planning of America's Future Act for energy as well.

Tipton has listened to our local concerns and says many in the community are still very concerned about 2nd Amendment Rights.

"A lot of the issues that people are still concerned about are our 2nd Amendment Rights and they're very concerned about the over-reach of government when we're hearing what's coming out of the IRS right now,” said Congressman Scott Tipton.

The congressman also said the National debt is a concern and having an impact on Mesa County's ability to create jobs in the county.

The community was able to ask Tipton questions in tonight's town hall meeting. Tipton said he will hear the county's concerns and take them back with him to D.C. when Congress is back in session.

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