Top 11 stories of 2013: Numbers 7 through 4

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Coming in at number seven is the new health care law that still has many confused.

The Affordable Care Act goes into effect at midnight January 1 after months of technical glitches, changing deadlines and unhappy residents.

Enrollment opened for Connect for Health Colorado on October 1st and while it ran more smoothly than the federal website it had its fair share of issues.

With assistance, at least 43,000 people have signed up through the exchange since it opened in October.

Number six brought new gun laws to Colorado, sparking debate.

Legislation aimed at eliminating the sale of high capacity magazines and beefing up the pre-screening process to purchase a firearm. Colorado residents are limited to 15 round clips and now all gun sales must be preceded by a background check.

Number five shocked us all when the FBI and Department of Transportation investigators swarmed the main terminal building at Grand Junction Regional Airport in November.

Federal investigators were unable to talk about the case except to say they are looking into fraud allegations, so the Airport Authority Board conducted its own internal investigation, which ultimately led to the firing of airport director Rex Tippetts.

Details are still scarce and airport officials say they still have not collected enough information to release anything to the public.

Number four has impacted all of us. 2013 was a year of unusual weather: spring freezes, a soggy summer, and bitterly cold temperatures and record snowfall this winter.

April's freeze destroyed half of Palisade's 22 million pound peach crop forcing farmers to raise their prices because of the limited supply.

After a rainy summer, fall and winter settled in fast with a heavy snowfall at the start of December, which was followed by the inversion. Four record low temperatures were set in December.

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