Top New Year's Resolution: Going to the Gym

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Going to the gym is the top New Year's Resolution nationwide, but often times this popular goal is a hard one to keep.

Rob Jones just bought a corporate membership at Gold's Gym for all of his employees at Comfort Keepers. "What I want to do is to be a healthy middle-aged man and that's achievable and that comes from being in a gym... this is my new year's resolution this year, it absolutely is," said Jones.

Jones said he's trying to motivate his office to do the same for 2014. "We are going to encourage each other, we are going to empower each other. When one of us doesn't want to get up in the morning, the others are going to encourage him or her to do that," said Jones.

Larry Feather has been a regular at Gold's Gym since it opened in 2008. He said the gym always fills up in January. "Well they usually don't last that long... They usually last until February 15th or until the weather breaks. If it's a harder winter they stay longer... But no more than 2 months," said Feather.

Statistically, in January the gym has 2,000 more visitors compared to other months.

Personal Trainer at Gold's Gym, Jasmine Johnson, said, "We can help you ease back into to... Whether it's been a week, a month, or 10 years, 20 years, we work with all ranges or people. Kids all the way to the elderly."

Johnson said in order to stick with your New Year's resolution, it's important to ease into it. She said many get discouraged because results typically take about 8 weeks to show up.

Most gyms offer incentives like membership discounts or programs at this time of year. Crossroads Fitness is offering a 90-day weight loss challenge that kicks off January 1st and lasts until February 15th.

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