Trading soda tabs for dialysis treatment: Help or Hoax?

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Most people don't think twice when they hear the sound of an opening soda can but some folks here on the Western Slope are trying to do good by saving a certain part of that can. But that may all be in vain since the whole idea is being called a hoax.

Holly Evans-Ramsey of Van Gundy's in Grand Junction says they get a lot of soda can tabs all because they think they will get more money for them.

"They've heard rumors that they'll get up to a hundred dollars for a full gallon jug of pop tabs alone,” says Evans-Ramsey.

There is also one other rumor circulating the water cooler.

"If they bring them into a medical center or a dialysis that companies will actually reimburse you for dialysis time and it's unfortunately not true,” says spokesperson for the Veteran’s Affairs Paul Sweeney.

Sweeney says everyone's in on the hoax—thinking they can trade $1 million soda tabs for dialysis treatment.

"School kids that collect thousands of these; elementary schools get their kids involved,” says Sweeney.

He says the trade for tabs just won't fit the bill for dialysis treatment. He's right because the weight is what you're paid for, not the amount of tabs. So for a million tabs which is only about 35 pounds, you’re only getting about $15.

One other rumor-- that the tab brings in more money because it's thicker.

"Pop tabs are what we consider a sheet aluminum so it’s a little less than what we pay off for a pop can,” explains Evans-Ramsey.

So you're better off just bringing in the whole can if you're looking to donate to charity or make some extra dough.

Van Gundy's says if you're really looking to cash in, copper in the metals market is the highest commodity value right now.

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