Training program helps newly adopted dogs

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Man's best friend can be man's worse nightmare, if adding a new pet to the family isn't carefully considered. Adopting a dog is a transition for the owner, family and the animal.
That's why a local animal hospital is offering an innovative training program that will help owners and their dogs.

"This is a program that we think will really help tremendously to improve and strengthen that human-animal bond, which is so important," said Dr. Marquis, veterinarian and owner of the Tiara Rado Animal Hospital.

The Tiara Rado Animal Hospital has developed an early adoption training assistance program to ease the process for everyone involved. Early training is vital to the new dog’s transition

There are a lot of other animal training programs out there, but Marquis says what sets this program apart from the rest is the one on one personalized consultations between the pet owner and behavioral specialist.

"We look for any signs of overt aggression, anything that might need a specialist or more intense training so that these dogs that are newly adopted or little puppies aren't continuing behaviors that might be detrimental in the home,” explained Behavioral Specialist Elizabeth MacIntyre.

Upon completion of the program, pet owners are offered free spaying and neutering for their dog.

Each training session is $35 and is held at the Tiara Rado Animal Hospital.

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