Geocaching: High-tech Scavenger Hunts

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - Ready to put your treasure hunting skills to the test? On Monday night the Western Slope Adventurers Club found out how they could do just that at a geocaching presentation during a group potluck.

Geocaching is a free worldwide treasure hunting game with over 1.9 million active caches across the world, and you can find several right here in Grand Junction. It is also known as GPS stash hunting.

A geocache is a small container or location that hides treasures to be found. The participants use the features and capabilities of a GPS unit to find the cache, cross-checking latitude and longitude coordinates.

Once found, the participant logs their visit. Sometimes you’ll be asked to complete a challenge or question prior to logging in. Then you can leave an item to be discovered, which replaces the item you found. The participant then rehides the cache so the next person can discover it as well.

"If you take an item, then you want to leave an item of greater or equal value, and sometimes there are travel bugs inside, which are an item you don't keep. It's an item that’s actually placed by an owner so they can watch its travels all over the world with a goal in mind. Maybe it's a goal to travel coast to coast," says Mackenzie Dodge, who is a local geocaching expert.

You can also learn about history. The Museum of Western Colorado has set up its own geocaching program. The program takes you by 13 landmarks where you have to answer questions about local history.

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