Treasurer's tax lien sale goes online

MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) —Bidding wars go digital.

For the second year, the Mesa County Treasurer’s office is hosting its tax lien sale online. A link to the auction website can be found below, under “Related Links.”

Registration is open now, and the auction begins Thursday, Oct. 11. Investors have until Nov. 1 to put in a bid. The treasurer’s office will determine winners at 2 p.m. that day.

So what are you buying in a tax lien sale? Tax liens represent liens of unpaid real estate taxes, assessments, penalties, advertising costs and fees. If an investor purchases a tax lien, he or she will earn 10 percent interest on funds invested. You purchase the tax lien, not the property.

Mesa County Treasurer Janice Rich says holding the sale online more than doubled participation from previous years. Last year, the online sale also saved money; according to Rich, the auction was cost-neutral to the county.

On the auction site, investors can see property information and enter their bids at the same place without leaving their home or office.

Mesa County will host an in-person training session to help people use the new system on Oct. 4 (RSVP is required). The site will also have free, instructional webinars on it leading up to the sale. Again, find a link to the website below under “Related Links.”

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