Trying times motivate local woman

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. At just 28-years-old Heather Sears has dealt with more than many will face in their entire lives, but that's not getting her spirits down.

"I look at everyone that's helped me as my family" says Sears.

Heather has two young kids and took on the responsibility of taking care of her little brother. Recently, the people she was renting her house from took all of her belongings and left town without letting her know.

But that's not what's shaped this mom into the strong woman she is today. Sears is in stage five kidney failure and had to start her life from scratch after losing everything.

"I look at my kids and they just deserve so much more," she says. "I live for them."

Hope of the Grand Valley stepped in when officials heard her heart breaking story. The community started donating things to fill her family's new home.

The smallest things from soap to toys for her kids put a huge smile on all of their faces, which is what the organization aims to do.

"We all have so much." says Mcgee. "We forget that there might be people that don't and are working and striving to do the best they can."

In between the dialysis she receives and the exhausting effects of the treatments, Sears doesn't have the time or money to get a Thanksgiving meal for her family.

But with the community's help, she'll now have a turkey and all the fixings.

She doesn't have any family in the area and says it would be impossible to get back on her feet without this help.

Thankfully, she has other forms of family to lean on.

"It's not just blood that makes family" says McGee. "But to know that there are people that are going to be here and will support her"

And Sears says she feels that support everyday.

"People have never been so giving and so caring" says Sears.

"It just touches my heart."

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