Trying to save a life: Goose Liver Inc.

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Nicholas Echave was only 25 when he was told by doctors that he was suffering from liver failure. At that point Nik’s life changed, and the man that is known by friends as “Goose” knew he was in a battle for his life. Nik, now 28, grew up in the Grand Valley graduating from Central High School.

Now community members from the Grand Valley are coming together to raise funds and help out Goose. The group is called Goose Liver Inc. and their goal is to raise money for Nik, “Goose.” They do this by holding fundraisers:

• A benefit concert at Cruisers, Stray Grass, July 14, 4-6pm
• Benefit lunch at Texas Roadhouse, July 18th 11am -2pm

The group also sells T-Shirts and coffee mugs with the Goose Liver Inc. logo with proceeds going to Nik, AKA “Goose” to help him with his medical bills.

"There’s so much good out there in the world and it's great to see that,” says Echave, AKA “Goose”.

He says he is thankful for a support group such as Goose Liver Inc. Members of the board say they can’t wait to hand over the non- profit dollars they raise to Echave so he can run once he has received the treatment he needs. Echave says he can’t wait for that day, but for now he takes life day by day.

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