Tumbleweeds taking over across state

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. High gusts of wind picked up tumbleweed Wednesday, making the roads look reminiscent of a Western movie.

House clean up crews in the Grand Valley have been getting phone calls from people to get truckloads of tumbleweed out of their yards.

"We've done two tumbleweed clean ups so far, but usually every year we're noticing they're becoming more and more," said Brian Mellon, owner of Extra Hands Labor. "We love those jobs because they're not super hard. It just takes time."

Mellon said the dry brush can cause house fires if it's piled up too close to walls.

"Not enough moisture on the ground or in the air and if they do catch fire, it can be a very big fire hazard," he said. "If you have tumbleweeds around your property, get them away from yourself as soon as possible."

If you're nervous about allergies, tumbleweed pollen is most active during fall, said Edward Brotsky, air quality specialist for the Mesa County Health Department.

"Tumbleweed is a fall producing plant for pollen, but in the springtime, those dead plants from last year are blowing around and dropping their seeds everywhere so the next generation can grow up this summer," Brotsky said.

Trees are the culprit for most allergy sufferers right now and pollen levels are expected to be in the moderate to severe range for the next month.

High winds also don't help allergy symptoms as they move around pollen, dust and smoke from spring open burns.

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