Uch Flies Home

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. She's got her one way ticket to Houston booked...one lucky pup returns to her family tomorrow thanks to the help of one western slope animal group.

Little Uch has been without her family for quite some time now.

She came free of her leash while her owners were making a quick pit stop in Grand Junction on their way to Moab earlier this summer.

She was posted as “missing” on the Mesa County Lost and Found Pets page on June19th, and thanks to the help of the community and the creator of the lost and found pets group she was rescued this past Tuesday.

Crystal Myer and Joy Rockell spent a number of days this past month tracking the pup and setting up traps near the location where Uch was spotted by members of the lost pets group.

The two women say they don't usually play such an active role in the pet rescuing process but it was important for them to be advocates for an animal that was so far from home.

“I looked at her as my own, in a way because i knew that we had to step up her family in time to get her, to find her and to look for her,” says Crystal Myer.

The pup is flying home tomorrow at no cost to her family.

Members of the Mesa County Lost and Found Pets have all generously donated to cover Uch's $500 dollar plane ticket.

Her rescuers are sad to see their new friend off, but they're excited to see all the reunion pictures.

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