Undercover agent details terrorism sting specifics

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- An Oregon terrorism suspect allegedly waited just 12 minutes to tell a man he thought was an al-Qaida recruiter that he wanted to detonate a bomb in the U.S.

The purported recruiter was an FBI undercover agent in his first meeting with 21-year-old Mohamed Mohamud.

The agent testified Monday in the fourth day of Mohamud's trial on terrorism charges that Mohamud wasted little time in spelling out his intentions.

The agent says the meeting wasn't recorded because of a failed recorder battery.

The agent testified under the pseudonym "Youssef" to a courtroom cleared of the public and media, who were allowed to watch a closed-circuit feed that didn't show the agent's face.

Mohamud is accused of attempting to blow up a November 2010 Portland Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

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