Unemployment darts up to 9% in Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- According to data released by the Grand Junction Economic Partnership and the Mesa County Workforce center Friday morning, the unemployment rate in Mesa County is up, again.

The most recent data, puts the rate at 9.0%, the second highest since January of 2013, when it was 9.2%. With the exception of the June data, we had been seeing declines each month of 2013.

The report, which measures June 2013 unemployment numbers says the local labor force is estimated at 78,708 with 7,106 out of work.

The state of Colorado's unemployment rate is 7.6%, the same as the national unemployment rate.

Suzie Miller, with the Mesa County Workforce, said an increase in unemployment rates in June is not surprising as it has become a trend for the last five years, which can be attributed to college students looking for summer jobs.

Miller said Mesa County is at the lowest rate of unemployment filings since September 2008, which means the increase is not due to job loss, but rather to more people joining the workforce.

In the last year, the county has added over 1,700 job orders with two to three job openings per order.

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