Unemployment improving in Colorado, Mesa County

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The unemployment rate in Colorado is getting close to the pre-recession level and Mesa County isn't too far behind.

The state unemployment rate was 5.8% in May, which is the lowest it has been since Nov. 2008.

Mesa County's job outlook is improving as well, but at a slower pace with an unemployment rate of 6.4% in May.

"Our unemployment rate is still higher than the state average, but some positive signs, our unemployment rate hasn't been this low since January of 2009," said Suzie Miller, of the Mesa County Workforce Center.

Almost 300 job orders, which each represent 2-3 job positions, were placed in May in Mesa County.

That's the highest number in years and even better than the pre-recession number of almost 180 job orders in May 2008.

"We look at that as a good indicator that things are starting to happen," Miller said. "Maybe just not as quickly as we all would hope."

Mesa County still only represents .4% of Colorado's job growth over the past year.

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