Unemployment rate going down, job opportunities going up

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)-- Unemployment is 8.8 percent in Mesa County. It's the first time in ten months that the unemployment rate has dropped below nine percent. Some workers say that even though the unemployment rate is down, they want more than just statistics.

Since the recession started in 2010, it's taken some people awhile to get back on their feet.

"I looked for work for about a year and a half," said Robin Rogers, who is currently employed.

Although she has a job, she isn't impressed with the recent unemployment drop.

"I know a lot of people that are still out of work. I know a lot of people who have gotten jobs who are not necessarily happy with those jobs. They just get them out of desperation," said Rogers.

Although Rogers is thankful for her job, she's worried it's not going to be enough.

"Pretty much thirty hours a week, but now it's dropping due to the winter coming, so I’m out looking for another job," said Yvonne Shaw who currently works part-time.

Shaw is doing everything in her power to find a full-time position so she can provide for her family.

"You can't give up. You have to keep going, and you have to keep trying, so I would say go to the workforce center, look in the news paper, look at signs saying hiring for employment," said Shaw.

The Mesa County Workforce doesn't want people to give up either; officials there say they're seeing some positive trends.

"When we see an increase combined with a decrease in our unemployment rate, that's also a good sign that more of those people are actually getting jobs and working," said Suzie Miller, who is the Mesa County Workforce Center's Business Services Manager.

She says it's important to be prepared in this competitive job market, and it all starts with the resume.

"Have someone review it. Make sure you are targeting the right sort of employers with the words and descriptions that you are using within your resume',” said Miller.

Workforce officials suggest looking for jobs online or in the newspaper and if the perfect job isn't available, broaden your horizon and look for something in a related field. You can also look for opportunities outside on Mesa County.

You can find a link to the workforces website below under Related Links.

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