Unemployment rate is holding strong at 7.7 percent

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The national job report came on Friday with less than an encouraging numbers. Officials at the Mesa County Workforce center said the local job market reflects the national trend.

The unemployment rate for December is unchanged from November, at 7.7 percent. Business Services Manager at the Workforce Center Suzie Miller said she's not surprised.

"You know we were anticipating that employers were probably going to be very concerned about the fiscal cliff and that would effect some of their hiring decisions," said Miller.

Miller said a few industries are showing growth both nationally and locally.

"Health care and food services were a couple of the industries we did see a large portion of the job orders come in in December," said Miller.

Kannah Creek Manager, Katlin Lubeley said they've seen a lot of growth this year and will be hiring a whole new staff in May, with the opening of the second location.

"We always are accepting applications and it is kinda crazy how many people turn in applications every single day still," said Lubeley.

Old Chicago's Server Megan Blair said the job market is tough.

"It's really really competitive, a lot of people especially i know old Chicago doesn't look at your application without experience anymore," said Blair.

Blair said shes not surprised to hear her industry is growing.

"It"s almost recession proof, I cant say necessarily but we are in the middle of a recession and we are still making a lot, I made 30 grand last year waiting tables, part time.," said Blair.

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