Unhealthy food linked to hyperactivity in kids

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Health professionals said some ingredients in your kid's favorite snacks could not only lead to medical issues, but also cause hyperactivity.

Mom of five, Megan Reinertsen, has been making sure her kids maintain healthy diets from day one. Instead of filling their plates with sweets she said they have developed a taste for vegetables, "Celery, we'll do cherry tomatoes, just any little veggies that I can pack in their lunch box really easily."

Medical experts said sugar causes a child's energy to increase and when their sugar level goes down they tend to crash and get hungry at a faster rate, but that's not the only thing to limit. Research shows artificial food dyes are linked to hyperactivity in kids.

"I think that the best foods for a child are foods that you make at home and not a lot of refined processed foods and that's where those dyes come in," Dr. Barbara Zind.

To keep kid's brains developing, nutritional experts said fish is the number one food to support brain function. 60% of the brain is made up of fat, so healthy fats like egg yolks, flax and chia seeds would be good to add to their diets.

There is also hope for those with picky eaters, "Fish is definitely a tough thing to get kids to eat that's why we do make different fish oil supplements and we've got things that taste really good," Dustin McFarland, Nutritional Health Coach.

If your child is having behavioral issues, health experts suggest changing their diet because that could play a factor in their attitude.

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