Unusual rain totals causing roadway issues

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) On Monday, a record was set for rainfall during a 24 hour period in Grand Junction, totaling .96 of an inch, the most rain we've seen since 1933.

While Tuesday's numbers dropped (about a quarter of an inch), there were still various issues with local roadways.

And in an area with a terrain that's not built to handle large amounts of rain, it can catch people by surprise.

"It's amazing how much force that water has," said Joel Berschauer, Maintenance Supervisor for CDOT. "It causes huge boulders to move and then it turns into a flash flood. Our mountainsides can handle steady drizzles. We can't handle the two inches of water in one hour thing. Our soil is not made to hold that."

Several high-traffic areas were dotted with standing pools of water, and some were even close to a foot deep, which can cause drivers to lose control.

The water flow can also deteriorate the shoulders of roads, making it dangerous to pull off to the side.

No major incidents were reported in the area besides a rock slide near Gateway that was cleaned up by CDOT relatively quickly, and caused minimal damage.

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