Utah coach clocks 13-year-old player

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PAYSON, Utah (CNN) -- In Utah, people across the state are buzzing about an incident that occurred during a seventh grade football game.

A running back for the Payson City League was running down the sideline for an apparent score when a volunteer coach for the opposing team appears to step on the field.

He put out his arm and leveled the 13 year old. The boy suffered a concussion.

Some people at the game thought the hit to the boy was intentional.

"Our boy had the ball; the seventh grader had the ball, and he was running toward out of bounds. He wasn't even out of bounds. The coach was standing off to the side and just cocked back and cold clocked him with his hands," said Nicole Clements, the assistant cheerleading coach.

The coach, Nate Harris, was ejected from the game and was later arrested and charged with second degree felony child abuse.

An attorney for Harris told local media his client never crossed the line onto the playing field.

Police say Harris did not give them a statement at the request of his attorney, so they haven't heard his side of the story.

He's been released from jail on bond.

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