Utah residents canvas in Mesa County

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Utah residents were bused in to go door to door in Mesa County this weekend. Around 50 passionate republicans set out this morning with hopes up swaying undecided voters in our area.

"I just want to make sure people hear my voice, and I know that Mitt Romney really cares about my vote and I hope that I can make a difference for other people as well," said BYU Idaho student Corrine Kenser.

Men and women of all ages volunteered their whole weekend to supporting the republican party and the Mitt Romney campaign.

"I came with my dad, and my dad spent his youth in grand junction ages six to ten so its nice to be here and see where he lived," said Utah resident Nicholas Tippets.

Members of the Mesa Country Republicans were happy to have the help.

"It sure does, its makes us feel really special because Colorado is a swing state and mesa county is a very important county to Romney's campaign," said Mesa County Republicans Chairwoman Ruth Ehlers.

This is the second weekend volunteers from Utah have made the journey, and members of the Mesa County Republicans hope this unconventional effort will drum up the support they need for this election.

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