Van Gogh exhibit focuses on artist's development

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DENVER (AP) -- Before Vincent van Gogh painted "Sunflowers" or "The Starry Night," he worked as a teacher and hoped to become a minister. After he was told he didn't have the skills to be a preacher, he turned to art.

The story of how van Gogh developed his signature style is told in an exhibit that the Denver Art Museum assembled using more than 70 van Gogh works from dozens of museums and collections around the world. The exhibit also includes artists who influenced him and from fellow postimpressionists.

"Becoming Van Gogh" opens Sunday and runs through Jan. 20.

Timothy Standring, the museum's painting and sculpture curator, says "we're showing all those phases that people don't really know about. It's not just `Sunflowers' and `Starry Night."'

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