Vandalism raises campaigning costs

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GRAND JUNCTION Colorado's primary election is a little over a month away, which means candidates are getting down to business. Whether they're campaigning with signs, bill boards or even stickers the process can be both time consuming and pricey.

So what happens when the signs they've put up around town are vandalized?
Candidates can easily spend about $150 per sign on larger advertising materials during campaign season and they have volunteers that continuously work to make sure those materials get put up.

"It's disappointing on a number of different levels," Candidate Steve King said. "First, it takes a lot of work to put up signs, Secondly, it's a lot of money."

Campaign defacing is treated the same as any other vandalism. Anyone caught in the act will get a misdemeanor, which also means an automatic summons to court and some hefty fines. In the past people were caught on tape and have been required to write an apology letter to the candidate.

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