Violent video games may linked to assault and murder

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Do you know what video games your kids are playing? One law enforcement training expert said violent video games centered around assault and murder can desensitize children and draw them away from reality, which could lead to violent or aggressive acts.

"They in their brain have already put themselves into that reality and then when they walk into the real life situation and start the real shooting, they've taken themselves out of reality and put themselves into the video game and they don't see real people," said law enforcement expert Mike Neil.

According to FBI records the murder rate has doubled in the last 50 years and the number of aggregated assaults has more than quadrupled.

Neil attributes this increase to violent video games that focus on killing and said that kids take in more than you think.

"You're watching a violent show, and you think well they do see it or they don't hear it, but they do hear it and they do see it and the problem is they don't understand it," said Neil.

One local mom blogger said she pays close attention to what her two 14 year-old boys play and watch.

"Profanity, nudity and violence, and if those are going to be elements in the game then they are not going to be a part of our home," said local mom Annie Payne.

Payne said she is against violent video games and thinks they do desensitize people and can lead to horrific things.

"Just really be plugged in and connected and know where your kids are and what they are doing," said Payne.

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