Virus alert: computer virus scam seeks victims' money

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Two computer viruses are trying to scam locals out of their money.

No Ware Computer Repair’s co-owner Blake Dowen says the shop has been getting reports of two blue chip viruses making their way around Mesa County.

Both are only downloaded through Internet Explorer versions 1 through 8. So if you use Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for web browsing, you should be safe.

The first type of the virus claims it’s a virus scanner and that your files have been lost. It says if you want them back, you have to send money.

Dowen wants you to know that your files are still there, but they have been made invisible by the virus.

The second version says the FBI has locked your computer and that this is the first offense, so if you send money, they’ll unlock it.

If you get either of these messages, call a computer repair store immediately and do not send any money.

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