Volunteers build shelters to keep stray cats warm

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A new non-profit is bringing some warmth into these cold days and nights for animals without homes.

"Their only resource to find any warmth at all might be in a car, maybe in someone's garage, in a storage shed," volunteer Rhonda Dunlap said. "These animals are wild, they need some form of protection."

Grand Valley Pets Alive volunteers assembled a dozen shelters for stray cats to keep them safe when the temperatures dip.

The shelters are boxes insulated with styrofoam and hay, which the cats can use for burrowing.

"We care about them whether they're strays or pets," Dunlap said. "They simply deserve that consideration, we feel. We're passionate about animals and providing care. We know how freezing cold it is."

Grand Valley Pets Alive is working to reduce the local population of stray pets through spaying and neutering.

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