Volunteers put lives at risk in the name of safety for GJ Bomb Squad

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Going into dangerous areas with possible explosives is a typical day on the job for the Grand Junction Bomb Squad.

Six certified bomb technicians respond to about 50 calls a year for a variety of situations involving explosives.

They do have some tools to make the job as safe as possible like a movable robot with four cameras, 90-pound protective suits and a container that can withstand a detonation.

Putting their lives at risk to stop people with bad intentions is just part of the job description.

"Their goal is to succeed in whatever their initial objective was whether that's hurting people or hurting property and our goal is to prevent that from happening," said Brad Schuman, of the GJ Bomb Squad.

It takes seven weeks of training initially to become a certified bomb technician then they have to continue hours of training every year.

The local team is made up of three Grand Junction firefighters and three police officers who volunteer their time to cover 13 counties.

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